Equine Flooring & Matting

Porous, Slip-Resistant Horse Stall Mats, Stable Flooring & More

PEM Equine Flooring and Matting is a great solution for temporary or
permanent equine applications—with unmatched versatility!

  • Perfect for Traveling: temporary stalls, walkways, wash stalls and trailers.
  • Roll out/Roll up for easy install/removal.
  • Textured Surface provides traction and reduces slippage on wet or slick surfaces.
  • Soft, resilient material, reduces leg, knee, and hoof fatigue.
  • Eliminates scuffed hocks and hoof abrasions.
  • Excellent for permanent applications: stalls, wash stalls, and barn walkways.
  • Only two pieces per stall. Covers stall surface wall to wall.
  • Porous construction allows moisture to flow through, keeping bedding dry and reducing ammonia smell, for a cleaner, healthier environment.

2013 International Horse Show

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All matting is made to order. To request more information or a quote for your Equine project, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 800.783.2358.

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