Lawn Bowling Mats - PEM Surface

One of the benefits of PEM’s matting is that it can be utilized in a number of applications, from golf, marine, aquatic, yoga and equestrian. But sometimes we receive an order that shows just how versatile our slip-resistant matting really is.

We recently filled an order to the Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club in Corona del Mar, California. For those who have not heard of lawn bowling, it has been around for hundreds of years, coming to the United States from countries like England, France and Scotland.

A sport which closely resembles the games of Bocce, combined with bowling. Lawn bowlers roll balls in an effort to roll their different balls closer to another ball, called a Jack. Each different ball has an identifying mark and carries a different scoring value. Whoever’s specific ball is closer to the Jack gets the points for that ball.

Our matting is being used in the throwing sections, otherwise known as the mat. We hope that the lawn bowlers enjoy PEM’s matting for years to come.
Stay tuned for more interesting applications of PEM.

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