Yoga Case Studies

NBC's Biggest Loser Yoga Studio

As Season 13 of the Biggest Loser pushes forward, the contestants continue to amaze viewers with their astonishing weight loss. While the season of “No Excuses” has been riddled with divided teams and shocking departures, several common goals remain unchanged: losing weight and getting healthy. PEM Surface Creations is proud to be featured on this season and know that our Yoga Flooring is helping the contestants reach their goals – every soft, safe, slip-resistant step of the way...  Read More

DFW Airport Yoga Studio

PEM Surface Creations provides slip-resistant matting solutions to a variety of industries including: aquatic, kennel, golf, equestrian and playground. PEM yoga flooring offers a wide range of benefits over traditional yoga flooring. The soft construction provides comfort to bare feet, creating a more relaxed environment to practice yoga. In addition, the textured surface will help limit the chance of slips and falls in wet conditions. Because PEM yoga flooring is easy to install, the operations crew was able to seamlessly complete the installation process. As always, if a question or concern came up, a PEM representative was simply a phone call away...  Read more


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