High Friction Matting

PEM's High Friction Matting is created when a surface coating featuring an aluminum oxide "grit material" and urethane binder are applied to either PEM Lightweight Matting or PEM High Traffic Matting.

Our High Friction Matting provides additional slip-resistance and durability, making it an ideal choice for the toughest, wettest applications.

High Friction Coating Features:

  • Added durability
  • Better traction for increased slip resistance
  • Specially pigmented to match color of matting
  • Protects matting from scrapes and scuffs
  • Can be applied to existing PEM Lightweight and High Traffic Matting applications

Recommended Applications

  • Areas with fast-paced foot traffic
  • Consistently wet environments
  • Walkways or bridges built on slopes

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Our High Friction Matting in Action

Lightweight Non-Slip Matting

Customer Testimonial

Meadowbrook Country Club

"The poly extruded mat was easy for country club staff to install and required no specialty tools, just the razor knife, straight edge, and caulk gun. The mat provides excellent drainage, and has reduced the risk of slips and falls.

The High Friction aluminum oxide grit coating that was promised by your staff functioned as promised and we are thoroughly pleased."

Tim Dorsey
Facilities Manager
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