Slip-Resistant Shower Mats

The Northern Middlesex YMCA, is always inspiring us to do great things.

Recently, they sent us some pictures of our aquatic matting in action. If you look closely, something looks a little different. It is the rounded edges! The Facility Manager, Bruce Thorstenson, told us that he places a coffee can on top of the matting and then cuts around the can to create the rounded edge.

Great thinking, Bruce! It is creative thinking like this that inspires us to create great products!

In case you were wondering, the Northern Middlesex YMCA has placed more than 20 orders with us, dating all the way back to 2002. Here is what he has to stay about PEM and our aquatic matting:

Excellent product! We have been using PEM Aquatic Matting since 2002. The product is easy to cut into any configuration with no chance of a trip hazard. You can conveniently custom cut any size mat off a roll and put a round edge on it. We at our YMCA facility use the mats in our locker rooms, showers, and pool areas. Our custodians appreciate the fact that the lightweight mat is easy to lift and handle during cleaning. -Bruce Thorstenson

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