PEM Surface Creations: A Champion in Supporting the International Swimming League

PEM Surface is proud to provide a safe and elite flooring solution for the International Swim League

ST. LOUIS, MO (October 2019) - October kicks off the competition season for the 2019 International Swim League (ISL), the world’s first team oriented professional swimming league. To ensure the safety and success of these top competitors, PEM Aquatic Matting was selected to install its flooring solutions in the U.S. meet locations. The aquatic flooring has several unique qualities that will support these swimmers during the meets that will be held throughout the United States.

PEM Surface Creations is equipped and thrilled to have been selected to tackle these problems for the United States events in Indianapolis, IN, Lewisville, TX, College Park, MD, and Las Vegas, NV. ISL needed a flooring solution that would be easy to apply, remove, store, and reuse at upcoming events across the nation. The PEM Aquatic Matting can also be trimmed to fix custom spaces and rolled out on pool decks before the event, providing an easy solution to ensuring safety, comfort, and added aesthetic to the hosting site.

Dean Ekeren, National Events & Marketing Director of USA Swimming provides his experience with PEM Surface Creations INC on the PEM company website. "PEM Aquatic Matting has been the perfect slip resistant solution for USA swimming events. The matting has furthered our brand image and increased on-air visual appeal, all while protecting our world-class athletes. No other surface cover could match PEM's combination of design features, safety benefits, and durability."

About PEM Aquatic Matting: An aquatic center faces many challenges when it comes to the traction and sanitation on pool floors. PEM pool deck mats and flooring are designed for slip resistance and proper sanitation. PEM Aquatic Matting comes out on top against the traditional tile and concrete solutions that can become slippery when wet and difficult to clean properly. The unique matting has several features that makes it the ideal solution for any aquatic facility.

PEM Aquatic Matting is textured, soft, lightweight, porous, and made with an antimicrobial formula. The textured and soft features make it easy to keep clean while providing warm and slip resistant surface for swimmers. The porous construction prevents against standing water from becoming a falling hazard to swimmers. Supporting this feature, the antimicrobial formula guards against the growth of bacteria, mildew, and fungi, even in the dampest of conditions.

PEM Surface Creations INC has been creating flooring solutions for a variety of industries for over 20 years. From equine stables, yoga studios, marinas, golf courses, and more PEM has provided flooring to meet the unique needs of clients in their specific industry. The company has supplied its cutting-edge solutions to high profile events like the PGA Tour, and the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trails. Constantly growing and improving, PEM strives to be a partner in many more event level, residential, and community areas. For more information on PEM Surface Creations and media inquiries please contact Rob Amelung at (800)-783-2358.

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