Slip-Resistant Pool Deck Matting at Peaks Resort

High Traffic Aquatic Matting

Earlier this year, the largest spa in Colorado, The Peaks Resort, purchased some of our aquatic flooring. Specifically, they were looking to install some matting around their Olympic-size swimming pool. This area receives very heavy foot traffic, so the application needed to be both soft and durable. Upon surveying their request, we recommended that they install some of our high traffic aquatic matting.

As you can see, our matting fits perfectly within the facility.

In addition to its durable nature, the blue color of the matting enhances the overall look and feel of the pool area. No wonder our traditional blue pool matting is so popular!

The resort also has plans to install gray PEM High Traffic Matting on the steps that lead to the water slide. This will give extra support and traction for pool-goers when they flock to show off their latest water slide slalom.

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