PEM Slip-Resistant Matting Provides Perfect Solution

Think our matting is just for golf courses, aquatic facilities, marine applications and fitness facilities? Think again! PEM non-skid flooring and matting has been used in many unique situations – just like this one:

anti-slip matting for misting stationEvery year, thousands of visitors stroll the paths at Grant’s Farm. This St. Louis, Missouri tourist hot-spot sees a peak in foot-traffic during the hot summer months. To provide relief for visitors, a cooling zone was installed by mounting misters over a wooden bridge. While the mist undoubtedly cooled farm-goers, it presented another risky problem – the wet wood was increasingly slippery!

PEM Surface Creations had the perfect solution! The heavily-traveled footbridge was covered with our green High Friction Matting. It was the perfect solution for children and adults who sought relief from the relentless rays under the cool misters.

anti-slip mats at misting station

How did our matting hold up? We hoped you’d ask!   After 6 years at Grant’s Farm, we are proud to report the matting has only required one inexpensive, small corner repair. That’s right – our high-quality matting has stood up to thousands upon thousands of feet marching across the bridge, year after year!

The matting was installed using a combination of adhesive and screws, ensuring a flat, safe, snag-free surface.

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