PEM Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Yoga Studios

As with all types of flooring, in a hot yoga studio environment, proactive maintenance will prolong the life, and enhance the performance of the surface.

The following maintenance and cleaning frequencies will vary depending on the traffic patterns and volume in your studio. Adjust these patterns to fit the unique environment of your individual studio:

  • Vacuum daily.
  • Apply a disinfectant spray to the surface at least once per day, usually between morning & evening classes. It is always recommended to test a small area of the flooring first, before applying a new product to the surface.
  • Deep clean once per month with a steam cleaner on low heat.

Proper ventilation and air filtration is also recommended to provide the best environment possible in your studio.

It is also recommended to inspect your seams once per month.  It is a good idea to keep a small bottle of seam adhesive on hand to close any gaps that might occur in the flooring over time. These small gaps are easy to close, and if addressed in a timely manner, will help prolong the life of your flooring. Please refer to our yoga installation instructions for more information.

PEM cannot control the environment our products are applied in, nor can we control the cleaning frequencies, and/or maintenance and installation procedures of the purchaser. It is the exclusive responsibility of each purchaser to determine the fit and compatibility of our products with the purchaser’s intended application and use, and to evaluate any safety, and maintenance concerns related to use of our products.

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