Aquatic Matting - Customer Testimonials

Living in Arizona, we have used the PEM matting for many years and could not be more pleased.  The desert sun makes our travertine tile far too hot to take more than a couple of steps on.  Fortunately, the PEM surface does not hold the heat in the same way.  Additionally, the tile is very slippery when wet and the PEM surface has prevented countless slips as our kids and their friends race around the pool deck.  We have literally surrounded our pool with PEM matting, and feel confident that it will keep our family safe for years to come. 

BTW, friends and neighbors inquire about it all the time when they visit our house.

Thanks much,

Scott Bindley
Phoenix, AZ

It has been a pleasure doing business with you the last two years. Your product has provided a welcome solution to many of our trouble spots. As our budget has allowed, we continue to add more mats to our facility. The staff are great about finding trouble spots (which sometimes change from day to day) to use the mats in.

We roll them up every night at closing, and store them inside. They store nicely in a wheeled caddy. They dry quickly, do not tear, and wash with a quick spray of the hose. We love the PEM Mats!!!

Again, thank you for the friendly and prompt customer service you have offered, along with a great, easy to use product.

Thank you,

Wray Aquatic Center Management
Nikki Gelvin, Manager
Wray, CO 

PEM Surfaces are the only product I have considered in hosting world-class swimming competitions. The product looks super on TV, and is very manageable to install.  Never had an issue on quality, or product delivery, as this company fully understands the needs of the event. 

Harold Cliff

2012 Olympic Swim Trial

PEM Aquatic Matting has been the perfect slip resistant solution for USA swimming events.  The matting has furthured our brand image and increased on-air visual appeal, all while protecting our world-class athletes. No other surface cover could match PEM's combination of design features, safety benefits, and durability. 

Dean Ekeren
National Events & Marketing Director

USA Swimming

I would like to personally thank your company for making a wonderful product for our swim club. Our club has tried to find safe matting which can be used around the edges of our swimming pools for several years. Your product has ended our search!
Our new padded surfaces are safe and provide an extra layer of protection in case of falls. The parents have also commented that PEM is very comfortable to walk and sit on. We have found PEM to be very reasonably priced and your company was very easy to work with. We are looking forward to purchasing additional rolls next year.

Margaret Sheerin
President - Board of Directors
Lawn Aqua Swim Club
Oak Lawn, IL

I wanted you to know that the PEM Aquatic matting we purchased for our swimming pool locker rooms has worked out great.

As you are aware, we had a problem with children slipping when the existing floor covering got wet. Your product has eliminated that problem completely. In addition, it is easy to clean, does not retain odors and there was no evidence of algae growth.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Boyd Wietecter
Complex Manager
Department of Parks and Recreation
St. Louis, MO

The purpose of this letter is to relay our satisfaction on the PEM Aquatic Matting product we purchased from you for use in our pool bath house. Previous to using your product the flooring was slick for the most part and unpleasant to look at from the publics standpoint. I believe the application of your product reduced our liability as well as greatly improved the appearance.

Thank you for the excellent service your company provided throughout the process of purchase and installation. We look forward to future opportunities to use your excellent product and service. Thanks again for a job well done!

Mike Oppermann
Director of Parks and Recreation
Webster Groves, MO

Our deck is metal and has an anti-slip coating, but we work exclusively with children, and their safety and comfort is our utmost priority. We tried other pool mats, but they hurt the kids feet. We are thrilled with our PEM Aquatic Mats. They ensure the kids are SAFE and COMFORTABLE.

Ruthie Zarren
Owner-Little Fishes Swim School
St Louis, MO

A few weeks ago, I attended a Metro Luncheon at Riverchase in Fenton, MO. During a tour of the aquatic center, I noticed PEM Aquatic Matting on a wooden bridge. This matting looked much nicer and more comfortable to walk on than the material I was currently using at my facility.

PEM Aquatic Matting that I ordered was delivered the following day. It is in the lobby area to our indoor pool. It is skid-proof, attractive and very easy to clean. One of the best features of it is the comfort! I serve a large senior population as well as many pre-school age children. PEM Aquatic Matting is very comfortable to walk on in bare feet. The other matting I had used was very painful to walk on without shoes.

The City of Bridgeton is planning an outdoor aquatic park within the next two years and I will definitely use the product at that facility.

Thank you for such wonderful service!

Catherine M. Rosenthal
Aquatic Supervisor
Parks and Recreation Dept.
Bridgeton, MO

Excellent product! We have been using PEM Aquatic Matting since 2002. The product is easy to cut into any configuration with no chance of a trip hazard. You can conveniently custom cut any size mat off a roll and put a round edge on it. We at our YMCA facility use the mats in our locker rooms, showers, and pool areas. Our custodians appreciate the fact that the lightweight mat is easy to lift and handle during cleaning.

Bruce Thorstenson
Facility Manager
Northern Middlesex YMCA
Middletown, CT

The Rosemont Park District was searching for a good surface for our Splash Pad, and we found it in PEM. The surface is comfortable on your feet and it is not slippery. The water drains well, and it is easy to clean. We are going into our 4th season and it still looks great and we have never had a problem with it.

Karen M. Stephens
Director of Parks and Recreation
Rosemont, IL

I would like to personally thank you for your extraordinary effort in helping us solve our bridge problem. Fortunately for us, you arrived on our doorstep in the nick of time. The new aquatic portion of our facility opened with an overwhelming success rate. With success comes unexpected and unanticipated safety concerns.

Our maintenance department installed your PEM Aquatic Matting product on our bridge. I no longer have to worry about clientele slipping and or falling on the bridge while moving from one aquatic feature to another.

Your solution of the PEM Aquatic Matting was quick, economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you for your assistance.

Mary Jo Dessieux
Director of Parks & Recreation
City of Fenton

Dear Rob

We use the PEM for our large competitive events as a cover of the gap between the end coping and the bulkheads of our competition pool, but only for 4-5 days at a time, at most, then we roll it up and store it. It is a very attractive product and performs well for what we intend it to do.


Chris Seris
Manager of the Mizzou Aquatic Center
MizzouRec Services and Facilities

Dear Mr. Amelung,

This letter is written to advise you of the City of Maplewood's experience with the use of PEM Aquatic matting under the two play features in the City of Maplewood's outdoor zero depth entry swimming pool at 7550 Lohmeyer Avenue. The product has been in place for the last two pool seasons.

•There have been no signs of deterioration.
•No special cleaning has been needed to maintain the sanitation or appearance.
•The application has met the city's need for a softer surface for falls from the two play features.
•No deficiencies have been noted by the St. Louis County, the local inspection authority.

John Openlander
Assistant City Manager
Director of Public Works

Dear Rob,
I cannot thank you and PEM enough for your efforts to make the U.S. Olympic trials in Omaha successful.
We are honored to have you work with us on this amazing project.

Kindest Regards

Adolph Kiefer
USA Gold Medal Winner - 100M Backstroke
1936 Olympic Games

PEM covers our varsity baseball field fencing has held up in outstanding fashion and adds a great dimension to player safety, as well as tremendous esthetic dominance. The matting used in the interior back wall of our dugouts greatly reduces wear on uniform shirts.

The large concrete areas in front of our stadium bleachers that are covered with PEM have really served our cheerleaders well in providing a safe and beautiful cheerleaders "pad" for their activities.

PEM specifically designed for our tennis courts as "windscreen" has performed beautifully with exceptional durability.

In all of these areas, I have found that the quality and performance of PEM matting to be outstanding. All of the areas are subject to severe heat, cold, and sun light. PEM has held up beautifully and I hope to add the PEM product to other areas of our facility in the near future as our budgets allow. Some of the other areas I have in the plans, include the swimming pool area, the weight room, shower and locker rooms, etc.

Charles G. Gateley
Athletic Director
Lindbergh High School
St. Louis, MO

I am writing this letter as requested to update you on the performance of the PEM surfacing which was installed on our splash pad here this past June, 2007.

The installation of approximately 2,000 square feet of surfacing went very well and the learning curve to install the surfacing was very quick for the contractor and our parks personnel to learn thanks to the expert installation instruction provided by PEM surfacing. The surface has gone through one season and has worked very well with no flaws or problems at this time. The surface provides additional safety for slips and falls and drains very well. We will keep monitoring the surface for any problems but as of this time we feel we have a very good surface for our splash pads that came at a very competitive price with the additional benefit of easy installation and repair.

Stephen J. Krug
Landscape Architect
Cedar Rapids, IA

We have used the matting in the parks, pools, and golf course since 1999. I personally like it in the outdoor restrooms as the blue brightens up the restroom and it is very easy to clean. I even use strips along the backstops of our ball fields to save money over replacing the wood base. The coaches and umps like the way the matting reduces ball bounce compared to the wood. I have and will continue to recommend PEM to my peers.

Ron Veach
Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Florissant, MO

The new PEM Aquatic Matting we installed in the lobby of our pool building last year held up great and looks fantastic. Guests commented on how much drier and cleaner the floor was. The matting worked so well we are expanding it into the shower and changing areas this year.

Mark Berry
Essex Parks and Recreation
Essex Junction, VT

We are very happy with the performance and sanitation of our PEM surface in our kiddie play area.

The surface provided superior slip resistance for our guests last season and was easily cleaned and sanitized. Our pools maintained their high water quality that we strive to accomplish in our Water Park and our pools passed all the tests conducted by Panhandle Health on swimming pool safety. the maintenance required on the surface was minimal and we look forward to many more years use of the quality surface you provided.


Paula Andrews
Maintenance Coordinator / Safety Manager
Boulder Beach Water Park
Athol, ID

This product has been a great asset! No more hurt children! The PEM surface product has reduced slips and falls to an all time low! Here at the Nickelodeon Family Suites, safety is our no #1 goal!

Bruce Holdsworth
Director Of Engineering
Nickelodeon Family Suites
Orlando, Fl

The PEM non-slip surfaces have made a big impact on the safety of our events, and the swimmers really appreciate that!

Morty Berger
NYC Swim
New York, NY

We discovered PEM Aquatic Matting about four years ago for use in our aquatic center and outdoor bath houses. They are easy to clean with a hose or "Hotsy" pressure washer and dry quickly. Once our patrons tried our matting they wanted it in other areas of our health club. We have yet to find a better product!

Ada V. McKenzie
Cedardale Health & Fitness
Haverhill, MA


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